MEPC Loaded Armor Bundle Highcom 4S17M Level IV Plates (Front Flap Included) (7.2lbs)

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Introducing our MEPC Loaded Armor Bundle with NIJ .06 Certified Highcom 4S17M Multi Curve 10x12 Level IV Shooters Cut Plates! 
This Full Plate Carrier and Armor Kit comes with everything you need in a battle ready setup. The included Highcom 4S17M Multi Curve plates feature alumina ceramic and polyethylene construction at just 7.2lbs each. These are fantastic US made and NIJ certified level IV plates for an affordable price and reasonable weight. 

The Highcom 4S17M Multi Curve 10x12 Level 4 Shooters Cut Plates are capable of defeating multiple hits of .30-06 AP, 7.62x54R AP, 7.62x51mm M61 AP, 7.62x51mm M80A1, 5.56x45 M193/M855/M855A1 and 7.62x39 AP. There is no other US made and NIJ .06 Certified level 4 plate that has the same weight and performance at the same price.

The included Defense Mechanisms MEPC comes loaded with must have features and accessories. This package gives you a fighting ready setup right out of the box, armor, vest, magazine pouches and all. 

The Defense Mechanisms MEPC included in this bundle features their Molle platebags, 5" hybrid MOLLE cummerbund (with ROC QD buckles) as well as a fully loaded placard that holds 3x AR-15 Magazines, 2x Pistol Magazines and even has a small utility pouch. (Placard consists of: Triple AR Mag Placard, Double Pistol Placard Expansion, Velcro Half Flap Placard Expansion and Velcro Placard Wrap).

If you need a fully loaded, overt, fighting plate carrier setup with MOLLE and pouches, as well as Level IV plates capable of stopping armor piercing sniper rifle rounds and armor piercing assault rifle rounds, this is the choice for you.

-Small/ Medium Cummerbund: Small through Large T-Shirts
-Large/ Extra Large Cummerbund: Extra Large through 2X-Large T-Shirts

MEPC Plate Carrier Features:

  • Molle Platebags with drag handle
  • Skeletal Molle Cummerbund with ROC Quick Detach buckles and elastic in the rear for better fit.
  • Accepts all standard placard front flaps with 1" buckles.
  • Built in zippered admin pouch.
  • Velcro on the front and rear for patches.
  • Front placard holds 3x AR-15 Magazines, 2x Pistol Magazines and features a small utility pouch.

Highcom 4S17M Armor Features:

  • Alumina Ceramic and Polyethylene Construction.
  • Multi-Hit Rated for AP rounds.
  • Multi Curved for comfort.
  • 7.2lbs Per Plate (10x12)
  • 10.3lbs Per Plate (11x14)
  • 0.9" Thick
  • 100% US Made
  • NIJ .06 Certified