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Product Highlight - Legacy Lightweight Level 4

Stops 3-6 shots of .30-06 M2 AP and M855A1 at just 5.2lbs per plate!

Intersecting Silicon Carbide Tile Array and Polyethelene Construction at $259.99 per plate.

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Product Highlight - Legacy FAST Level IIIA High Cut Helmet

Affordable, Reliable, Multi-Hit Rated thermoset kevlar (aramid) high cut combat helmet. Stop paying double for government contract prices!

Starts at just $429.99

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring affordable, yet high quality armor to the average every day American. So that they may protect themselves and their families from harm in an increasingly volatile, and unpredictable world. Our founder saw the violence erupting across cities in the US during the 2020 riots and realized the need for all law abiding citizens to have protection.

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