Legacy Special Ops Level IIIA High Cut Ballistic Helmet

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The Legacy Special Ops (FAST) Level IIIA High Cut Ballistic Helmet is a high performance, multi-layer, multi-hit rated, lightweight combat helmet. The Legacy Special Ops FAST helmet has been tested by National Institute of Justice (NIJ) certified labs to meet or exceed the NIJ 0106.01 Level IIIA ballistic standard for helmets. 

The Legacy Special Ops FAST helmet is capable of stopping 4 hits of .44 Magnum Hollowpoints, 4 hits of .357 Magnum FMJ or 6 hits of 9mm FMJ up to 1,450 feet per second (fps) as well as shrapnel/ fragmentation traveling at over 2,150 feet per second (fps). 

The Legacy Level IIIA Special Ops FAST helmet is constructed of dozens of layers of resin impregnated, heat press molded aramid (kevlar) fibers, which gives it incredible performance against ballistic threats.  

Designed to meet the modern realities of the battlefield, the Accessory Rail allows for attachment of standard Ops Core accessories.
Superb performance to weight characteristics, full special ops coverage with enhanced awareness due to the reduced profile and higher cut. Unobstructed use of helmet mounted ear protection, ballistic face shields or mandibles. The Special Ops Helmet is the standard in the special forces community. 

Don't pay the government contract premium for Team Wendy or Ops Core helmets when you can get the same performance for less than half the price! We aim to make body armor affordable for ALL civilians, money should not be a barrier to protecting yourself and your family from harm. 

-Increased area of coverage over the ears and back of the helmet
-Ergonomic and stable platform
-Suspension Dial Retention System for increased stability
-Fixed side rails for mounting ear protection, or ballistic face shields
-Front Wilcox/ Ops Core style NVG mounting shroud
-NIJ 0106.01 Level IIIA Protection (.44 Mag/ .357 Mag)
-US Military STD-662F V50 fragmentation protection at 2,150 ft/sec
-Assembled in China with European materials

*Please note, the Multicam version is a Coyote Brown helmet that comes with a Multicam helmet cover*

Rounds Defeated:
.44 Magum
.357 Magnum
.357 SIG
.40 Cal
.45 ACP

Legacy FAST High Cut Sizing Chart