Highcom 4SAS7 Multi Curve Level IV Plate (SAPI Cut)

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The Guardian 4SAS7™ is one of our top selling rifle armor solutions. The Guardian 4SAS7™ is a cost effective level IV stand alone plate providing armor piercing protection. Engineered with a ceramic strike face and PE backing, the 4SAS7 is certified compliant by NIJ to NIJ Standard 0101.04 (2005IR).

The 4SAS7 is Multi Hit rated against armor piercing rounds such as 7.62x63mm (.30-06) M2 AP, 7.62x51mm (.308) M61 AP, M80A1, as well as 5.56x45mm M855A1.
The SAPI cut variant comes in a range of Extra-Small to Extra-Large sizes, which means it can fit any body type. 

These plates are made in the US by Highcom in their manufacturing facility in Ohio. Highcom has been manufacturing armor for 25 years since 1997 and has 17 NIJ Certified models. They are one of the top armor producers in the country. 

*Sold in singles, add 2 to your cart for a set*

-NIJ Certified
-Monolithic Ceramic and Polyethylene construction
-0.7" Thick
-Standalone, Multi Hit
-1000D Cordura Water Resistant Cover
-10 Year Warranty on Ballistic Material 
-DEA Hard Armor Protocol Compliant

-Extra Small: 7.25x11.5" (5.5lbs)
-Small: 8.75x11.75" (7.1lbs)
-Medium: 9.5x12.5" (8.1lbs)
-Large: 10.25x13.25" (9.3lbs)
-Extra Large: 11x14" (10.2lbs)