221B Shadow Plate Carrier

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When every second counts, you need to be confident in your gear. You don't have time to be dealing with equipment that isn't efficient or effective. And most importantly, you don't have time to waste. Your safety, comfort and protection is Priority #1. The Shadow Plate carrier was designed to take care of the three fundamental concerns when bullets are flying and your survival is on the line: SPEED, SAFETY and COMFORT.

The Shadow Plate Carrier incorporates the latest materials and technology to give you superior utility and comfort in any situation. Ultra Light Weight Polymer Cobra (TM) buckles on the shoulders and cummerbund allow for fast and easy donning and doffing. Stretch materials in the cummerbund allows for increased comfort, especially during high-intensity situations when heart rate and breathing is elevated. A modular system on the front of the plate carrier gives you the ability to interchange mission specific gear within seconds, not minutes like traditional plate carriers. The Shadow Plate Carrier also incorporates 221B Tactical's proprietary Maxx-Dri technology making it the most breathable plate carrier on the market today. This not only allows fresh air to flow through it while being worn, it also helps better distribute the weight of armor plates more evenly, potentially reducing neck, back and shoulder pain. The Maxx-Dri material also prevents sweat from soaking into your plate carrier, keeping your carrier cleaner, drier, safer and less stinky. The Maxx-Dri material is removable and machine washable for easy care and maintenance. 


  • Maxx-Dri Technology
  • Rifle Sling Retention System
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Genuine Light Weight Polymer Cobra Buckles
  • Elastic Cobra Buckle Dust Covers
  • Modular Front Panel
  • Cummerbund Accepts Soft Armor (optional)
  • Ultra-Comfort Cummerbund System
  • Fits 10x12 Steel and Composite Body Armor Plates
  • Integrated Drag Handle